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Æ-DIR installation

In the last few days, I’ve created an OpenLDAP Cluster with Æ-DIR for the Webmeisterei, the Installation wasn’t straight forward but the creator of Æ-DIR Michael Ströder helped me a lot with it.

UNOFFICIAL Proxmox with Debian GNU/Linux Buster

WARNING: This is a playground to test debian/buster with pve NOT PRODUCTION READY

I have my main Workstation and my Laptop on Debian buster (aka testing!) so I decided to create my own pve packages for this release as I didn’t want to downgrade to Debian stretch (aka stable!).

This wasn’t a straight download-compile-upload task, will provide my patches soon and the more of you have fun with testing buster the more patches will come.

Howto move Saltstack tops and pillar contents to MongoDB

I’m a heavy user of Saltstack, on my home network i develop salt states and test new stuff and on my production servers i use the results of my development at home.

My motiviation for this:

  • I have a dream of automated deployed LXD containers which you can manage with a web interface like Froxlor.
  • I want a database where i can easily modify contents with a script.


  • Knowledge of Saltstack
  • Knowledge of MongoDB

Salt Modules in use