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Atom.io my editor of choice

I use atom.io with a bunch of plugins. Atom.io is made by github, it uses the webkit engine underneath so its a browser engine running a extensible editor. :-)

So far theres no debugger for Go and Atom.io.

atomtips.com explains my reasons to switch to Atom from Sublime quiet good.


sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:webupd8team/atom
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install atom nodejs git
apm install project-manager
apm install linter # https:// atom.io/packages/linter
apm install monokai
apm install git-control
apm install merge-conflicts
apm install clipboard-history
apm install minimap
apm install minimap-git-diff

Go (golang) [autocomplete](https:// atom.io/packages/go-plus)

go get -u -v github.com/nsf/gocode
go get -u -v github.com/golang/lint/golint
go get golang.org/x/tools/cmd/goimports
apm install go-plus
go get -u -v code.google.com/p/rog-go/exp/cmd/godef
apm install godef
go get code.google.com/p/go.tools/cmd/oracle
apm install go-oracle

Python Flake8 linter for atom, i’m using the python3 variant as i develop for python 3.x

sudo apt-get -y install python3-pip
sudo pip3 install flake8
apm install linter-flake8

Python autocomplete for atom

sudo apt-get -y purge python3-jedi python-jedi
apm install autocomplete-jedi

Python import sorter

isort and python-isort

sudo pip3 install isort
apm install python-isort
apm install atom-ctags