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Froxlor + Nginx + WordPress iThemes Rules

A short howto on setting up Wordpress iThemes Security with Froxlor and nginx.

Assuming you have this directory layout:


This is what i did to make it work on my froxlor installation:

  1. Login to Froxlor as Administrator
  2. Impersonate your wordpress customer by clicking on Customers -> [his username]
  3. As Customer click on Domain -> Settings -> [the small edit pensil to edit this domain]
  4. Change "Openbasedir-Path" to "Homefolder" - this will allow PHP to access all files from this customer!
  5. Wait for the froxlor crontask or run it manually
  6. Login to your wordpress backend.
  7. Goto Security->Settings and search for nginx, change the nginx config path to "/var/customers/webs**/[customer-name]/[domain-name]**/nginx.conf" and save, it should give a message about a sucessfull write of the nginx.conf!
  8. Go back to the Froxlor Administrator Panel
  9. Go to Domains -> [small edit pensil to edit your customers domain]
  10. Insert "include /var/customers/webs/[customer-name]/[domain-name]/nginx.conf;" to his "Own vHost-Settings"
  11. Wait for the froxlor contask again.
  12. Voila, now you have improved yours/your customers wordpress installation even more.

Deprecated Method:

Took me a while to convert the Nginx rules from iThemes to “plain” Text so i could past them into froxlor.

This is what came out.